Term 2 Reflection

Blog post links to PTC6- conceptualise, plan and implement an appropriate learning program

PTC7– promote a collaborative, inclusive and supportive learning environment

Half the year has come and gone and the past term has been just as crazy, actioned packed, demanding, overwhelming and rewarding as the term before. Term 2 was about taking another step towards the learners taking ownership of their learning and moving towards being more of an Advocate/Entrepreneur. In Term 2 we introducing Genius hour as a way of encouraging learner voice and a step towards implementing an element of project based learning. We used Physical Education to really focus on the Key Competencies and co-constructed what this looks like alongside the learners. There has been a change to our teaching team. Emma has taken leave and is exploring Europe for a year, Room 3 has a new teacher Nadia, she has joined the team and as a first-year teacher, she is finding her feet.


Genius Hour Showcase


Reflection of Term 2


  • Actioned packed term: Kapa Haka festival, Te Papa- Matariki, Poly Fest
  • 3-way conferences fully lead by the students
  • Student voice more visible through Genius hour, on the journey, adding in elements each term.
  • Students are able to manage their time and timetable


  • The timetable is very tight, at times feels like trying to cover more and then some.
  • Integration is occurring through Reading/Writing/Mathematics, these are still being taught in isolation, what is the next step towards PBL
  • The Arts, Science don’t seem to be getting coverage


  • Genius hour has a lot of potential, we will build on this next term, more specific focus, a purpose to work towards.
  • Continue to work on R.E and ensure this is being covered in our focus lesson as well as through the Integrated Unit
  • Working on aspects of PBL, small projects.

What we are keeping

  • Genius hour
  • Timetabling
  • Integrating of Inquiry and working alongside Ryan at Play.Sport to support us with enriching our Physical Education and Health

What are we changing 

  • Increasing Physical Education time, to increase the length in the lesson
  • Writing workshops (see Data.Anaylse.Action Blog for further details)

What are we adding in 

  • Priority learners for writing are going to get pre-writing workshop each day before the Writing workshop. This will replace four current Reading workshops in the second block from Monday-Thursday
  • Flipped learning through Writing and Maths

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