Google Summit Day 2

Blog post links to PTC4: demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional learning and development of personal professional practice

PTC5: show leadership that contributes to effective teaching and learning

Keynote: Let Learning “TRUMP” teaching and technology 

Presenter: Richard Wells

A blurb about the keynote: Making future-ready learning environments challenges the habits and assumptions held by students, teachers and the community. Shifting to a personalised, student-centred approach from kindergarten to high school has proven difficult for many at all levels. In this talk, Richard offers numerous common sense arguments and examples where a strong focus on learning to learn solves all issues with covering topics, skills, and competencies. He will cover the key factors that often get forgotten when schools attempt to change.

My notes:

– Key competencies need to be taught in order for learners to be success citizens

– How reliant are my students on their teacher?

– Teacher lead teaching described as being like a lotto, putting pressure on the teacher.

– What next? How am I doing? What is my message? Will I succeed? Should I connect?

– Design Thinking

– Set the expectation high

Where to next:

-Direct acts of teaching with specific Key Competencies, integrating this through our inquiry. Bringing Key Competencies to the forefront and having a focus each lesson.


Workshop 5: Using mystery hangouts to promote critical thinking and global connections 

Presenter: Michael Davidson

A blurb about the keynote: Want to connect to other classrooms around the globe? Not sure what to talk about with them? Come and find out about Mystery Hangouts. Michael will go through some basics of setting up the jobs for learners and how to contact other schools and teachers to set up your Mystery Hangout. We will also have a practice of going through one with each other to show you how one might proceed. So come along and start (or continue) your journey of becoming a globally connected classroom!


Bio: Michael is a Level 2 Google Certified Teacher. A Canadian national, he has been teaching in New Zealand schools for the past five years. Prior to teaching in New Zealand, he was a teacher in London, UK and Seoul, Korea. He is constantly looking for ways to improve his teaching and make it more student-centered. Michael is currently based in a Habitat of 80+ year 3/4 learners at Ormiston Primary School in Auckland where he is assisting other learning coaches in implementing digital and collaborative solutions that fit their needs.


Google Slide Presentation

Where to next:

-Organise to have a Mystery Hangout with someone local. Link through writing, what questions can we ask, what questions might they ask us?

Workshop 6: Assessment with Forms, Docs and add-ons 

Presenter: Matt Wells

Bio: Matt currently works as the Leader of Learning and Innovation at All Saints Catholic College, Liverpool located in Sydney’s South West. The College has been recognised over the years as being innovative in the area of using ICTs. Matt has coordinated the transition of the College from a lab-based, PC environment to a 1:1 MacBook school that has been actively using the Google Apps For Education tools for many years. As part of the transition process, Matt has spent a lot of time working with his staff, exploring ways to effectively integrate the use of technologies in the classroom. Matt was recognised as an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2009, a Google Certified Innovator in 2011 and a Google for Education Trainer in 2015.

A blurb about the workshop: Google forms are a great tool for gathering responses from students for both formative and summative assessments. BUT marking these and providing feedback to students can be difficult. This session will focus on workflows that can make this process far easier. Covers Socrative, Kahoot, Flubaroo, AutoCrat


Google slide presentation 

Workshop 7: Choose your own Adventure

Presenters: Philippa Nicoll Antipas

Bio: Philippa Nicoll Antipas is an experienced facilitator with the Connected Learning Advisory, where she supports clusters, leaders and teachers to embed digital technologies for learning. As a passionate educator, Philippa has a particular focus on learner-centred curriculum, design thinking, and engaging professional learning and development.

A blurb about the workshop: In this hands-on session, we will explore how learners can create choose your own adventure / pick-a-path books in Google Slides for an online, interactive reading experience. We will also consider how to connect with others in our community, and how to embed aspects of digital citizenship into this learning experience.


Workshop 8: Experience a Student-led Classroom- today

Presenter: Richard Wells 

A blurb about the workshop: In this session, participants will join as students and lead a learning activity themselves. Richard provides example tools and behaviours for developing a student-led learning space. It’s fun, thought-provoking and full of resources to take back to your classroom and use with any year group 0 – 13.


Original and revised activity.

Where to next:

-Embedding the Key competencies through our workshops



One thought on “Google Summit Day 2

  1. ateachersjourneyintomle says:

    I find it really interesting how much Key Competencies come up at spaces like the Summit or uLearn. Even in the readings that we look to, to support our PD. Yet I still come up with how do we let TRUMP be the guiding focus in our classrooms without taking the attention off the three R’s?! I like your image about embedding the key comps into what you are already doing and am looking forward to reading and hearing how you go 🙂 Good luck!


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