Term 1 2017 Reflection

Blog post links to PTC6- conceptualise, plan and implement an appropriate learning programme

PTC7– promote a collaborative, inclusive and supportive learning environment

Another term has come and gone. I don’t think there is a point when you are not changing your practice. You get to a point where you have ironed out the creases and then you change the top, get another one with creases and off you go again. This term has been a lot easier than last year with over half of our learners continuing the journey from last year alongside. They are abe to manage themselves, timetable, articulate their learning and have greater ownership why, when, what and how they are learning. What next is the question??? What we have done so far is a step in the right direction but as we continue to make changes and grow as educators so does your practice.  As a team we each did a quick PMI to capture the key points reflecting on this term:


  • Learners can timetable and are attending workshops
  • Workshops Maths/Reading are manageable for the teachers and the learners
  • Students know what strategy/comprehension stage they are focusing on
  • Continuum of voice we are sitting at Participation which is heading in the right direction


  • Religious Education seems to be lost amongst the inquiry
  • Reading/Writing/Mathematics are still being driven by the teachers, from selecting picking reading material and the workshops we offer. The learners are choosing but within the parameters, we set.
  • We on the journey to learner driven learning, we need to be giving learners a chance to voice their opinion. Where is the learner’s voice?


  • Bring Religious Education back to the forefront, importance of it interweaving everything we are doing
  •  Partnership: collaboration between teachers and learners.
  • Learning to Contribute to design of lesson, projects, and assignments.


What we are keeping

  • Licences
  • Timetable and structure of the day
  • Priority learner time

What are we changing 

  • R.E Lesson on Monday afternoon at the beginning of the week. This to link through inquiry and set up the theme for the week
  • Writing workshops, looking at range of genres to support with Inquiry

What are we adding in 

  • Unpacking the Key competencies and looking at skills we can add to our Kete. Asking the learners what skills they want us to create workshops for
  • Genius hour: We are introducing Genius hour this term as of encouraging learner voice and a step towards implementing an element of project base learning





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