Girls Menotring Term 1

Blog post links to PTC1: establish and maintain effective professional relationships focused on the learning and well-being of ākonga

PTC5: show leadership that contributes to effective teaching and learning

Term 1 was the first term of the Girl’s Mentoring Programme, we focused on learning a new skill. We change our plan as the term went on as Sewing took longer than excepted. The girls all made a cushion cover to take home at end of the term.

chsion 1

cushion 2.png

Term 1 Week 2

Friday 10th February

Week 4

Friday 24th February

Week 6

Friday 10th March

Week 8

Friday 24th March

Week 10

Friday 7th April

Skill-PLAN Introduction – Student input Cooking Cupcake Decorating Jewellery making Whole day/Scrapbook?
What we did Planning Cooking- Lasagna Walked to Lincraft to purchase and pick material Cut, pinned, iron material started to sew Finish cushion cover sewing

Each fortnight I wrote a brief Narrative of the events, Observations of what I saw and hear and Next steps for the following fortnight. My main observation that the girls would not speak unless prompted so each would I would encourage conversation, student’s voice, ask their opinion, and slow build on their confidence.

Selecting the material for the cushions was interesting, I said you have a budget of $10 per meter, pick what ever you want. I stood back and looked around listening and watching out of the corner of my eye. They circle around a little and once one girl had picked her material and the other three selected very similar material but in different colours.

The term was successful in terms of getting to know the girls, the next step is looking for a parent/volunteer to support. I would like to start having conversations with the teacher’s next term regarding the girl’s individual school goals, their progress and making connections with their parents.

The focus for next term is service. We will start week 2 with brainstorming ideas of what organisation they would like to give their time. We also need to recap over skill and lock in something they are going to commit to this term (skill). An example could be cooking: each week I am going to try to cook something new for my family and take a picture of this.





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