Priority Learners T1

Blog post links PTC 1: establish and maintain effective professional relationships focused on the learning and well-being of ākonga

PTC 4: demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional learning and development of personal professional practice

PTC 11: analyse and appropriately use assessment information that has been gathered formally and informally

Across our syndicate, we all have three priority learners in the area of Writing and three in the area of Mathematics. We selected learners after analysing data and only selected learners in one of the area’s not both.

Here is what we have done in the area to support our priority learners:

-We gave our priority learners a series of questions and got them to video themselves answer the questions, it was really interesting to see their confidence and openness on a video as they were not as open when I asked them the same questions.

  • My interests/hobbies/things I enjoy
  •  Things I find easy about Writing/Maths is coming up with ideas.
  • Things I find hard about Writing/Maths….
  • I learn best when I am …..
  • The teacher can help with my learning by ….
  • My parents/caregivers can help me with my learning by …

-The first part of the year was about ME, Myself and I, getting to know the learners’ interest, hobbies, strengths and areas of focus. This included activities such as Pepeha, Bio Bag, Biography, Letter to self and learning maps.



-We have timetabled Specific Priority learner time to check in with our priority learners. We did something similar last year but did not have a set time, this year we have tweaked the time frame so the priority learners know which day they are checking in and have one on one time with their home class teacher.

-Priority learner teacher folder for tracking.  This has tracking sheet of Writing/Maths progression, what has been achieved and current goals.




Maths tracking sheet is based on Basic Facts, Yellow is achieved.

-Mathematics: Basic Facts target sheets from Basic Facts worksheet Generator

-Writing: Free writing book, this gives priority learners and all learners a chance to write about their own ideas, dreams, stories, letters and freedom of choice. There are chances for them to use the free writing book during writing, this is an addition to writing workshops.

Free writing.png

*A few of these ideas have been things we have trialed in the past and we have adapted to be induced into our programs this year.


My priority learners are below, things in the past have not worked for them, so what am I doing to change my teaching, my approach, my delivery in order to accelerate their progress.


Chris our DP, team leader of the Intermediates has been white noise in the background for the past year about Project based learning. It wasn’t until a staff meeting where we unpacked what Student Agency looked like at St Joseph’s that I saw where we sat (teacher centered) and where I wanted us to be (learned center). With choice, learners are then engaged, motivated, sense of over ships, voice, purpose and self-efficacy.

student agency

Image retrieved St Joseph’s School- Student Agency


A few readings:

Collaborative sense-making

Unpacking what Project based learning is, what this looks like at St Joseph’s, what this will look like in our syndicate. Making sense together where to start and what this will look like in term 2.


Image retrieved from p.14- ERO: Effective School Evaluation


One thought on “Priority Learners T1

  1. ateachersjourneyintomle says:

    I like the way you have used the inquiry cycle to order your thoughts. I think I am going to “steal” this the next time I blog about my PLs.
    Freedom writing is such a powerful tool for those who hate writing as it allows them the opportunity to write without any scrutiny. I am interested to see how this goes 🙂


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