Learner Voice

Blog post links to PTC 1: establish and maintain effective professional relationships focused on the learning and well-being of ākonga

PTC 2: demonstrate commitment to promoting the well-being of all ākonga

PT 7: promote a collaborative, inclusive and supportive learning environment


If you walk through my class, our area, the school, the school grounds there is not much evidence of cultural displayed at St Joseph’s. There are so many areas in which we could work from a teachers perspective so we went to the learners to capture their voice.


As a school each student was given a learner voice survey in order to collected data as a base line for cultural responsiveness at St Joseph’s.  Below the table reflects the data from my class.


Collaborative Sensemaking:

Looking at this data it was obvious what area’s I need to address: Manaakitanga ( Likes me to bring things from home to share, Asks about Tikanga and things Maori, Encourages us to speak Te Reo in the classroom. I would like to think that as the term ticks along and we start getting deeper into workshops that Wananga (Speaks to me about my learning, listens to my ideas and what I think about things, Shares their view with me, shows they care about what I think) will natural develop. Manaakitanga requires deliberate teaching and action in order for a shift to occur.

Proposing to take action

A key focus for this term to encourage our learners to bring things in from home, to share their home life with the class. This also links into our Inquiry Me,myself and I. As a team we sat down to brainstorm ideas of what this would like like. We had seen the Bio Bag idea from a teacher Silverstream so adapted it t use with our classs. I modeled an example with my class and brought in own Bio Bag and shared this with the class. I posted a picture of my Bio Bag onto seesaw with the Bio Bag instructions so parent’s could talk about this at home.

We have a great turn out with our Bio-bag which really engaged our learners and shared parts of who they are with the class. I will be creating a guess who art collage on the wall to capture the wonderful treasures the learners brought into the classroom.


My Bio Bag



Where to next:

The Bio Bag was a great start and we want our learner sharing their treasures with us. The next step is learners creating their own Pepeha and sharing this with the class. It will be something we send home and will encourage the learners to complete with their parents. Once I start my Te Reo course I feel my confidence will grow and this will be able to filter into my class and into the syndicate and Tikanga and Te Reo with natural flow through the classes slowly but with purpose.

I am in the process of creating a “twitter” wall where learners can bring photos, pictures, celebrations, and put messages on the wall to share with the class and to encourage learners to continue to bring in their treasures from home.(Will post twitter wall once it is up and running).  I also need to make time and capture those moments when someone has brought someone into share with the class and to value its importance.





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