Girl’s Mentoring

Blog post links to PTC1: establish and maintain effective professional relationships focused on the learning and well-being of ākonga

PTC5: show leadership that contributes to effective teaching and learning

This year I am piloting a Girl’s Mentoring Programme with its purpose to build the confidence and raise the achievement of our Maori and Pasifika learners. St Joseph’s currently has a successful Mentoring Programme running within our school catering for our male learners. This is the first year we are running the Girl’s Mentoring Programme and if it is successful this could be adapted to be something offered to all students to work towards at St Joseph’s in Year 7/8.

I will be using the Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award as a model (see image 2). I have adapted the framework to cater the age group and to sit alongside the school term. I plan on meeting with the Mentoring group once a fortnight during my management release in the afternoon and once a term for the day.

What does this look like:

The Mentoring  program has four key components: Skill, Service, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey with a focus on one key component each term. Each term will begin with getting input and ideas from the learners and from this I can plan the term, gather resources and organise visits to venues relating to the plan.  Term 1 will focus on skill and each fortnight we will explore a different skill. Term 2 will be the individual learner’s chance to pick one skill and build on this throughout the term in their own time. Term 2’s main focus will be Service and each fortnight we will look at a different organisation who gives back to the community.  Term 3 will be up to the individual learners to pick an organisation or community group in which they will give their time. Term 3’s main focus will be physical activity and each fortnight we will look at different ways we can be active. Term 4 will be the individual learner’s chance to pick one physical activity and carry this out in their own time. Term 4’s main focus will be the adventurous journey. Each fortnight they will plan, organise and prepare for the end of term event.

This would be the same structure for the other three components (see image 1). 



Image 1





Image 2


Where to next:

I meet with the group in week 2 and we planned out the term based on the girl’s ideas and interests so there have been changes made to the example plan. Week 4 went well with making Lasagna, two of the girl’s had never made it or tasted it so were excited. The girl’s problem solved when we didn’t have all the kitchen utensils and two of the girls stepped into a leadership position when we started cooking. I struck up conversations about the beginning of the year, their teachers, workshops and then what they liked about school. The group, in general, are quite and I hope to continue to build a relationship with them as the week’s progress and see them develop their confidence in speaking freely with me.

Week 2: Introduction

Week 4: Cooking (Lasagna)

Week 6: Candle Making

Week 8: Cupcake decorating

Week 10: Full day


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