Open Evening

Blog links to PTC1: establish and maintain effective professional relationships focused on the learning and well-being of ākonga

PTC2: demonstrate commitment to promoting the well-being of all ākonga

PTC7:  promote a collaborative, inclusive and supportive learning environment


This past week (3) we had an opening evening inviting learners, parents and whanau to our school. My team brainstormed key points to share the week before the opening evening, we divided up the responsibilities and created a slide show to share on the night.  You are able to see the visual slide below.

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The parent turn out was less than we had hoped for the seniors part of the opening evening, from a syndicate of 96 learners we had about 15 families attend. A number of contributing factors may be due to our low attendance: lack of communicating leading up to the event, first time running the opening evening, time and returning families from year 6 make up 2/3 of the indicate.

What does this mean:

At the opening evening, we shared information with parents and whanau about how things work in the senior syndicate from learning walls, workshops, timetables, Inquiry, Sport, and Homework.  Then there was a chance to wander through the different classes and chat with the teachers. I had some great conversations with parents about the purpose of the workshops, the reasoning behind the change of learning approach and environment, how the learning walls work and timetabling. The evening was an informal way of meeting parents and opening up the class.

Where to next:

We need to continue to build relationships with our parent’s in our home classes and in our syndicate. I have 10 parents signed up for Seesaw and aim to have all my parents connected by the end of week 4. I will send another code home and email another code home as well. I have an email address for all my parents except one, I do need to confirm that parents are receiving my emails as I send newsletters, notices, and information via email. I will be encouraging the learners to upload daily so they are building their seesaw profile and engaging their parents.

Another way of communicating with our parent’s and whanau at the start of each term is emailing a syndicate newsletter.

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