New Year new team: 2017

Blog post links to PTC7: promote a collaborative, inclusive and supportive learning environment.


New year, new team. This year I have a new team, Steve, Emma and myself. Anna has moved on to St Bernadette’s and Heather has moved to the Juniors, Steve has moved from the juniors and Emma has stuck around.

This year we didn’t start back so earlier because we lay a lot of groundwork last year. In January 2016 we started back three weeks before school started to hang wall displays, weed mat the ugly corridors walls and beginning our team teaching journey. I have noticed that it feels like we are a step ahead of last year and having worked with Emma last year we already have that teaching relationship established. Steve is going to be a positive role model for our boys and brings new ideas to the team.

We started the year establishing a team contact, ensuring we are all on the same page, aligning our values and expectations. We finished the team building off with a pedicure. We plan to meet once on Tuesday for Syndicate meeting, Friday afternoon to for the week ahead. We communicate through the day with face to face conversations, email’s and voxer.

What does this mean?

Building relationships is key to establishing a positive environment. It is vital to build relationships with your team, especially when you are working so closely with them. When you build meaningful relationships with your team you able to work productively on a joint collective. We are teachers because we want to make a difference in the lives of tamariki, we have different strengths, talents, and expertise, we need to be working together in order to ensure the success of our learners.

Where to next?

Continue to build relationships with my team, what are our individual strengths, areas to build on, what do we offer the team and what can the team offer us. I would like to build relationships across syndicate and start building up our staff morale.




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