Team Teaching End of year reflection

Blog posts link to PTC1: establish and maintain effective professional relationships focused on the learning and well-being of ākonga

PTC7: promote a collaborative, inclusive and supportive learning environment

What a year 2016 was, I was truly blessed to have a group of hard-working, dedicated teachers to explore with, make mistakes with, laugh with and work hard at being the best we could and offer our group of 100 learners all we had.  I wonder how I would ever go back to teaching a single classroom in a single cell and just hope that day never comes.


In regards to our Priority learners and our area of 100 learners my team put in the hard yards in 2016 ensuring we meet with our Priority Learners, giving them opportunities to learn their next step which specific workshops. The evidence fell short and once again national standards was not our friend. The many goals achieved and gains throughout the year was not enough the get our learners across the finish line.

Team teaching- We planned together, we had discussions together, we shared resources, we bounced ideas off each other, challenged each other and really have the learners best interest in everything we did. This year I have learned so much about myself as learner, teacher and leader. Teaching is about relationships, the relationships we build with the learners, the whanau, school community, staff and fellow teachers. I felt I built a strong relationship with my team and from this we wanted to give our best and be the best. It knowing that you don’t have all the answers and the knowledge but you can turn to three other teachers for support.

Team Concept


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