uLearn2016-Taster 3: Maths ‘apply hour with Matific

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Taster 3:  Maths ‘apply hour with Matific  

Abstract:Inba Subramoney gives an insight into the pedagogy behind Matific which is aligned to the New Zealand Standards and the New Zealand Curriculum. As the seasoned teacher educator for Matific, Inba also has great adaptations of Matific that he has seen in classes all around the world.

Matific takes a unique approach to teaching Y1 – 8 math using hands-on and interactive mini-games, called episodes which is ideal for tablets and personal computers are based on a inquiry and collaborative learning pedagogy. Progressing from fundamental math objectives to increasingly challenging activities, the Matific learning system encourages children to internalise mathematical insights and rules. A process of guided self-discovery deepens student cognitive understanding, as well as a sense of personal achievement.

Learning outcomes:
Delegates will get a chance to create your free teacher account and have a play with the most influential online resource I have ever seen – Matific.
Presenter: Ina Subramoney
Organisation: Matific
Bio: Inba has many years teaching in the primary school. With ICT being one of my passions, I will demonstrate on how to incorporate it effectively in your class to help improve the student outcomes in your class for numeracy.

Key themes:

  • Can change this into one of the 40 different languages
  • Can sync with google classroom

What does this mean in my practice?

I would like to explore this more, especial because it has the added feature of 40 languages would be good to cater for our ESOL students.



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