uLearn2016- Taster 2: How to transform your classroom using Financial Literacy

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Taster 2: How to transform your classroom using Financial Literacy

Abstract:This taster session will promote Financial Literacy using the Banqer website in a flexible learning space with collaborative teaching. The session will provide practical examples on how Financial Literacy can be integrated into the classroom programme; transforming learning and enhancing motivation and Financial Literacy skills, which children can transfer and use outside the classroom.

The session will include tips and hacks that will make Financial Literacy student driven and manageable. Educators will also be able to ask questions about Banqer, how it works and can have a play.

Learning outcomes:
Delegates will:
– understand the importance of teaching students financial literacy skills
– have a better understanding of how financial literacy can be integrated into the classroom
– be able to develop constructive ways to apply Banqer within their own classroom context
Presenter: Micah Hocquard
Organisation: Medbury School

Bio: Micah is a teacher, team leader and financial literacy facilitator. He has been using financial literacy for over 10 years to help promote stronger money smart skills and enhance motivation both in and out of the classroom.


Presenter: Colin Hill

Organisation: Linwood Ave School

Bio: Colin is a teacher using financial literacy in a Flexible Learning Space. He uses collaboration and creativity to engage his students.

Banqer – Online financial education software

Key themes:

  • Banqer provides a hands-on environment for kids to get curious, creative, and ultimately, confident with money. Banqer is not a stand alone subject, it can be integrated into your classroom programme and curriculum.
  • Modules: Bank accounts, Income, Interest on Savings, Taxation, Real estate, Insurance, KiwiSaver
  • Integrate across all areas
  • Teaching our students about money in real life context which is teaching skills they will need to know about when they are an adult

What does this mean for my practice?

I have signed up for Banquer and the teachers in my team have also signed in. I plan on exploring what it looks like this term and then start Day 1/Term 4. I am really excited about trying this new program with my class. Micah and Colin did a great job of sharing how they use this in their own classes, keen to get it going with my class.


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