uLearn2016- Taster 1: An adaptive approach to Maths

Post Links to PTC4– demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional learning and development of personal professional practice 

Taster 1: An adaptive approach to Maths

Abstract:We look at how you can easily respond to individual students needs in maths. So whether this is filling gaps in knowledge, extending capable students or simply engaging students to work at the upper end of their ability, Mangahigh can make this easier. We will explore the adaptive nature of Prodigi activities and why this is so important, and put this into a blended learning approach. We will also look at the Virtual Tutor and see how this can support you and parents in aiding students learning/improving their maths results.

Learning outcomes:
Delegates will:
– understand how adaptivity works and while this is beneficial for their students
– acknowledge that a blended approach (tech and traditional) can produce some of the best results
– understand how Mangahigh can support students learning

Presenter: Deborah Palmer

Organisation: Mangahigh

Website: http://mangahigh.com

Bio: I am the Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand for Mangahigh. As a product of the New Zealand education system and now working in this environment I am a great believer that the teacher makes all the difference in the classroom, however am excited by the resources that are available to compliment and enhance how the teacher can now deliver the content. Mangahigh’s personalised, adaptive approach to learning assists teachers in engaging students with maths and making it achievable and even fun!

Key themes:

  • Student engagement: games, exciting
  • Prodigy: Adaptive quiz, teach me, Play- responsive (10 questions), Reflect and review, Blended
  • Adaptive: the programme works out based on what they have got right/wrong and adjusts
  • Blended: Using pen and paper to support when working out some of the harder questions
  • Teachers can set activities and can analyse the data

What does this mean for my practice:

-We are currently using Mathletics but this is something I would like to look at further, one thing that Mathletics is missing is the gamification element. Managhigh has wide range of games that would really engage the students. It also has a range of teacher tools with videos with teaching material on it


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