uLearn2016- Breakout 5: Mentoring others for leadership and change

Post Links to PTC4– demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional learning and development of personal professional practice 

PTC5-show leadership that contributes to effective teaching and learning

Breakout 5: Mentoring others for leadership and change

Abstract:Change is hard, and change in schools is really hard. Sometimes it is difficult to see the wood for the trees. Mentoring leaders at all levels of the school is a powerful strategy to support school improvement. There is real benefit to being mentored and also to being a mentor. Learning from the VPLD programme and other mentoring contexts will be explored.

In this workshop we will examine some models and strategies for mentoring and how these can be applied to your setting. Participants will leave our workshop with frameworks and ideas of things they ‘can do tomorrow’.

Learning outcomes:
Delegates will:
– understand what mentoring is and the benefits to both mentors and mentees of the process
– understand mentoring frameworks and their application
– have ideas and strategies that have immediate application to participants settings
Presenter: Greg Carroll

Organisation: CORE Education


Bio: Greg mentors and facilitates leaders and teachers across the country in a range of different contexts. As an experienced principal Greg has a particular focus on school change and supporting leaders of all kinds to be the best they can be, and supporting other educators on their improvement journeys. Greg is part of the leadership of the Learning with Digital Technologies professional learning and development programme and in this role supports the 60+ facilitators across the country from Northland to Otago-Southland. This programme has a focus on supporting school development with a specific e-learning lens and in ensuring leaders, teachers and whole school communities take full advantage of the opportunities and potential of e-learning for improving outcomes for students and all learners. This has also involved him presenting workshops across the country on a wide variety of different topics and for audiences right across the schooling and early childhood sectors. He leads the team who developed the e-Learning Planning Framework as an online tool, which is now used extensively across the country. Greg has also presented workshops and worked with school leadership teams on both sides of the Tasman on everything from BYOD planning and roll-outs, Google and Apple ‘how-to’s’, to strategic planning and school transformation initiatives. As an experienced coach and mentor Greg is available through CORE’s UChoose mentoring programme, as well as other CORE Consultancy services.

Presenter: Rick Whalley

Organisation: CORE Education


Bio: Rick is an experienced educational leader and classroom teacher. He has a decade of experience as a Principal in NZ schools and joined the CORE Education team in 2013 as a Learning with Digital Technologies Facilitator. He has a lead role in the eLearning Planning Framework and is co-leader of the Virtual Professional Learning and Development programme. In addition to his work with CORE he is studying towards a Masters at Waikato University and continues to support the VLN (Virtual Learning Network) Primary Project. In his role as a Principal, Rick has led whole school change, staff development, strategic planning and review, developed collaborative networks with other schools and worked effectively with school communities. As an inaugural Council member, Rick collaborated to develop strategic goals and provide a governance role for the VLN Community. His vision and drive has been critical to the continued growth and development of the VLN Primary across NZ schools.

Key themes:

  • Why be a mentor:

-Sharing knowledge, sharing journey, practice, where to next, Skills, help to reflect on your own model, model, growing the other person into their potential

  • Why be mentored:

-Be accountable, pushing yourself, collaborative, direction, life-long learners, bounce ideas.

  • Knoster (1991) Frame workshop




What does this mean for my practice?

Riki and Colin shared the Virtual Mentoring Matrix which will be a starting point in building our own school mentoring/coaching programme.



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