uLearn2016- Breakout 3: Transforming learning and assessment- A facilitated panel

Post Links to PTC4– demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional learning and development of personal professional practice 

PTC5-show leadership that contributes to effective teaching and learning

Breakout 3: Transforming learning and assessment- A facilitated panel

Abstract:As approaches to teaching and learning change to better reflect what it is to be an educated person in the mid 21st century, so too will our approaches to assessment. Questions around why we assess, what we assess and how we assess have framed assessment debates and processes for many years. New answers to these questions will be required if we are to see the transformation necessary to meet the goals of a future-orientated education system.

The interface between teaching, learning and assessment is a challenging one. It has been said that “What you test is what you get.” If we widen this idea to say, “What you assess is what you get” it poses an interesting conundrum for educators: If we want to ‘get’ complex outcomes such as those associated with creativity, knowledge generation, relating to others, cultural intelligence and so on, how might we re-design assessment practices and processes to contribute to this learning? How might we embrace new methods and approaches while responding to existing demands? Furthermore, as greater attention is given to the influence of agency on learning, what are the implications on the design of assessment practices and processes when student agency matters?

This sofa session will explore these questions as they relate to transforming learning and assessment across the sectors.

Learning outcomes:
Delegates will:
– develop a clearer understanding of some of the issues around assessing complex learning outcomes
– develop understandings of the influence of student agency on new assessment approaches
– have the opportunity to consider new approaches to assessment for learning
Presenter: Keryn Davis
Organisation: CORE Education
Panelist: Joyce Seitzinger, Rose Hipkins, Maria Tibble and Larry Rosenstock,
Key themes 
  • Not the what, start with the WHO: Who is the student, where are they are from, who are their iwi, hui.
  • Just because we could assess it, should we?
  • Standards are the death of innovation
  • Weave the front and back of the curriculum together
  • Key com- reframing the i
  • Dual outcomes- now and bigger picture. What is the smaller outcome going to fit into the bigger picture.
  • We are all different, we started from a different place and are going to end up in a different place.
  • Measure people it is subjective
  • International questions around measuring human beings, not the solution
  • How can we design assessment into the curriculum instead of having another add-on
  • Why is there a disconnected between school and real life context?
What does this mean for me?
There are still requirements (National Standards) in which we are bound to. We just need to be creative with what this looks like. Be innovative and be creative.

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