uLearn2016- Breakout 1: A single cell classroom cannot be an MLE- or can it?

Post Links to PTC4– demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional learning and development of personal professional practice 

PTC5-show leadership that contributes to effective teaching and learning

Breakout 1: A single cell classroom cannot be an MLE- or can it? 

Abstract: There is a lot of talk about ILE and ILP environments, but what happens if you are still in a traditional, single cell classroom?

This presentation will allow you to explore the possibilities still open to you, with or without technology included in the teaching space. The presenter will also share her own journey into redefining her teaching practice – the triggers, the ‘grazed knees’ and the movement forward.

Learning outcomes:
Delegates will be introduced to:
– the changes in mindset needed for the journey to begin
– what their possible first steps could be
– explore what they could do when they return to their own schools the following week and be equipped with some tools to help them along the way

Presenter: Vicki Hagenaars


Organisation: Waiouru School

Bio: Following 18 months working for CORE Education facilitating the Learning with Digital Technologies professional development Vicki has recently returned to the classroom. She is teaching the Year 7/8 class at Waiouru School endeavoring to put into practice the values, knowledge and skills gained during her time with CORE Education. Vicki was a CORE Education e-fellow in 2014 while teaching Year 9 and 10 Math and Health, as well as leading e-learning, at Whanganui Girls’ College. Her teaching career before this had been at primary level with 4 years prior to her secondary appointment spent developing innovative practice at Wanganui Intermediate School.

Key themes:


The brain space needs to be the first space to change first.

Dealing with Reality:

  • Single Cell
  • Traditional Desk and Chair
  • Board at the front
  • Paper-based environment?
  • Teacher Desk?
  • 1 teacher to 25+ students

The Pedagogy:

  • Bobbie Math – Learning Communities
  • Buddy work – particularly with research
  • Student agency and voice
  • Collaborative – not in an online environment but there are ways
  • Virtual Fieldtrips – LEARNZ

What does this mean for my own practice?

We are well on our journey with MLE in our single cell environment. We are collaborating as teachers and we are encouraging collaborating across our classes. Alot of  what Vicki was talking about in her journey was similar to things that I have across in my own journey  which was reassuring. Next step looking into Bobbie Maths and how this will look in sitting alongside our current program.



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