uLearn- Keynote Michael Fullan

Post Links to PTC4– demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional learning and development of personal professional practice 

PTC5-show leadership that contributes to effective teaching and learning

Keynote speaker: Michael Fullan


Abstract: Our work on School Leadership, Professional Capital and Coherence is becoming deeply integrated and embedded in the clusters and networks of schools that are engaged in implementing ‘new pedagogies’. I will identify some early lessons concerning how leadership for deep learning differs when it comes to digitally accelerated innovations. There are also some surprising new findings about the role of students as change agents relative to pedagogy, school organisation, and even societal change.

BIO: Michael Fullan, OC, is professor emeritus at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. He served as special adviser in education to Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty from 2003 to 2013, and now serves as one of four advisers to Premier Kathleen Wynne. He has been awarded honorary doctorates from the University of Edinburgh, University of Leicester, Nipissing University, Duquesne University, and the Hong Kong Institute of Education. He consults with governments and school systems in several countries around the world.

Michael is the Global Leadership Director of the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) project, currently partnered with over 1,000 schools in ten countries, including New Zealand. The project works with clusters and networks of schools to build knowledge and practices that develop deep learning and foster whole system change.

He has won numerous awards for his more than thirty books, including the 2015 Grawemeyer prize with Andy Hargreaves for Professional Capital. Other books include the best sellers Leading in a Culture of Change, The Six Secrets of Change, Change Leader, All Systems Go, Motion Leadership, and The Principal: Three Keys to Maximizing Impact. His latest books are Coherence: The Right Drivers in Action (with Joanne Quinn), Evaluating and Assessing Tools in the Digital Swamp (with Katelyn Donnelly), Leadership: Key Competencies (with Lyle Kirtman), and Freedom to Change.

Motion Leadership Website

Six Secrets of Change:

Key Themes:


Six C’s: Critical thinking, Creativity, communication, collaboration, character education, citizenship.

What does this mean for my practice?

From practice to theory- Six secrets of Change: Love your employees,Connect peers with purpose,Capacity Building Prevails, Learning is the work , System learn and Transparency rules.  We really need to think about some of the keys change agents and think about how each factor has a run on effect.


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