uLearn 2016


Post Links to PTC4– demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional learning and development of personal professional practice 

PTC5-show leadership that contributes to effective teaching and learning

Last year I attended my first Core Education uLearn in Auckland with 4 of my colleagues and this year I was luckily enough to attend Core Education uLearn 2016 my 11 of my colleagues. This year has been awesome to have the majority of our staff attend uLearn16 and grow together as a team.








I will capture my thinking by breaking down the key messages from the keynote speakers, breakout and tasters I attend. At the end of each day, I will reflect on what does this mean for me my practice. 

Reflection uLearn2016:

This year I felt more confident when selected my breakout and tasters. I had a clear focus with workshops that focused on Maths and leadership. I remember last year I went to a lot of different tasters and breakouts which sparked my interest but none really linked into each other. I found that this year I wasn’t overwhelmed with the big uLearn hype and had more of a criteria mind and thinking how some of the concepts, thinking and big ideas would fit at St Joseph’s. I also found that this year a lot of the breakouts I attend where at a management level at only a few things at a classroom level. I was thinking about leadership, management,mentoring, coaching and at a whole school level.

If I summed up my uLearn2016 experience into three keywords and the action I would take moving forward.





Actions to support keywords:

1.Integration: Weaving front of the curriculum with the back. Integration of Key Competencies with curriculum and religious education. Looking at our own school curriculum, looking at our school inquiry model and having this streamlined across the school with clear expectations, skills and outcomes.

2.Collaboration: I feel my team and myself collaborate naturally with the environment we are working withing, team teaching across four classes in single cell classrooms. We plan, discuss, teach and reflect together as a team. How can we better understand each other in order to improve relationships? I would like to run a professional development day next year at the beginning of the year. Dots is a precognitive communication program, it helps individuals better understanding their own communication styles and those of others.

3. Creativity: There a so many app, websites, programs that I wanted to try and last year when returning from uLearn and went back into Term 4 pretty much tired them all the space of a term. This year I am going to continue to build on what we have work on with our workshops with trying just two new things I picked up from uLearn and trial them this term.

  • Banqer– is simulated online banking for your classroom, it provides a hands-on environment for kids to get curious, creative, and ultimately, confident with money. ‘Pay’ students for positive behaviors and completing classroom tasks. (Classroom)
  • Mentors/Mentees- One of the Core Education Breakouts I went to focus on Mentoring others for Leadership and Change. This is something I feel we need to focus on as a staff.

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