Put some PEP in our step

Post Links to PTC5– show leadership that contributes to effective teaching and learning


At the end of Term 4, 2016 I attended a Core Education Workshop on how implementing Pasifika Education Plan in your school. I meet some amazing teachers and principals for all sectors (Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary) all dedicated to making a difference at their school. I find that the most valuable thing when attending Professional Development workshops are the connects and networking that occurs. We often put our heads down and work hard that we forget that there are thousands of the teachers doing  the same thing and that have something rich to offer. We need to get better at collaborating.

Redirecting my thinking back to the PEP (Pasifika Education plan), the Core Eduction workshop jumped started me to return to school and start to create our own PEP within our school. I have continued to work on the PEP through this year by adding it to as the year has progress and getting input from our Kaitiaki- our Maori and Pasifika whanau group. One of our parents is a policy analyst and gave us some feedback to implement.

One really positive outcome what come to light while working on St Joseph’s PEP was were already doing some pretty awesome things already in our school and community to support and engage our Pasifika students. The past three years while working at St Joseph’s and being the teacher Kaitiaki have driven number events to student our engage our Pasifika and Maori students. A few of these have been:

  • Girls and Mum fun night at the pool (2014)
  • Maori Whanau Hui (2014)
  • Pasikifa Fono (204)
  • Fiafia night (2014)
  • Mum and son’s bowling afternoon (2015)
  • Numerous workshop evening (2015)
  • ICT/BYOD workshop evening (2015)
  • Fun Bingo afternoon (2015)
  • Dad’s and Daughters movie afternoon (2016)
  • Homework Club, once a week (2016)
  • Fiafia night (2016)
  • Numerous Language week celebrations
  • Mentoring programme


PEP GOAL 1: Pasifika students excel in literacy and numeracy and make effective study choices that lead to worthwhile qualifications

PEP GOAL 2: Pasifika parents, families and communities engage with school to champion and support their children’s learning.

Moving forward St Joseph’s PEP will sit along our School Cater, the PEP will a document we will be continual reflecting on.



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