Priority Learners Week 9/Term 2

Post Links to PTC11– analyse and appropriately use assessment information that has been gathered formally and informally

This is a summary of how my Priority Learner’s goals Weeks 7-9/Term 2 and my effectiveness in my current approaches.


It has been encouraging to see that 3/6 of my priority learners are regularly attending homework club on a Thursday. They do their spelling homework, work on basic facts and sometimes read with me. One of my priority learners is coming to school early to read with me once a week for 20mins.  The goals this term were directed from the priority learners and all have been related to surface features; spelling rules, punctuation. The priority learners have all have achieved one or more of their smart goals this term. The time frame is not long enough for writing workshops and many learners are not independently working on writing when not at a workshop. The writing workshops have not been as successful as we had hope and will be looking at how we can change next term. In terms of my own teaching practice I need to make time each day to check in with my priority learners because with the workshops across the four classes they might not be attending workshops with me. We need to look at the timetable and work out a way in which we can really give our priority learners targeted time.



My priority learners are setting and achieving goals. One of my priority learners has come to a halt with his basic facts as he realises that learning his multiplication facts to 10 with quick recall is going to help him when trying to solve problems. He releases in order to solve problems such as 16×7 he needs to knows is 6-time tables. This priority learner has made a real effort to make flash cards to support him and attends homework club regularly. A few times a priority learner has been slumped on a goal for a few weeks, instead of slogging out the same goal over 3 weeks, tabling the goal, move onto a new one which will be fresh and revisit the previous goal at a later date.  In terms of my own practice supporting my priority learners work through their basic facts in small chunks, testing them and giving them extra time to rest and support them with resources they need to help achieve their goal.




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