Priority Learner’s WK 9/T1

Post Links to PTC11– analyse and appropriately use assessment information that has been gathered formally and informally

I must say this blog has been sitting in my drafts and as I reflected on WK 6/T2 Priority Learner Blog I had realised this one was yet to be posted…..

This is a summary of how my Priority Learner’s goals Weeks 7-10/Term 1 and my effectiveness in my current approaches.

Priority Learners- Writing

In all honesty, the writing goals have been tricky to manage, to assess and really dig into. The Writing workshops across our area have not established this term and it was really hard to try and manage five individual goals for each Priority Learner. As a syndicate (team of teachers) and reflecting on my own practice, we have not given the learners meaningful context and opportunities to learn their goals. We need to make sure we are teaching skills in a meaningful context and keep this is the forefront when we are planning.  As a syndicate , we are re-establishing how our writing workshops are going to run next term and how we are going to ensure we expose our learners to a range of genres.

The goals had moved away from spelling which was the original focus to get things off the ground and now the Priority Learners have identified specific areas of their writing they wanted to focus on. All Priority Learners were successful in achieving a writing goal this term. Two of the Priority Learners have their own device in which they write on and share with via google documents. I have been able to read their writing on through Google Drive and give comments for them to read.

All Priority Learners were successful in achieving a writing goal in Term 1 and have established new goals for Term 2. Two of the Priority Learners have their own device in which they write on and share with via google documents. One of my Priority Learner’s has been collaborating with another student via Google Docs and they have creating pieces of writing together.



Priority Learners- Mathematics 

Mathematics is an area we have worked really hard on as a syndicate from workshops to learners understanding the data, to the Math’s Wall. We have reflected, made changes, implemented them.

The goals set by the priority learners have been basic fact focus and they have managed to achieve 3-4 goals this term. They have been successful in achieving their goal because it has been specific and a small goal which adds up to a bigger goal.

Teacher Actions

-As a syndicate over the holiday break we will be re-structuring our Mathematics, Reading, and Writing Wall. We will be thinking about how our writing workshops will run and how we can cover a range of genre and skill.

-I will be communicating with my Priority Learner parents and sharing the achievement of the term and new goals set for next term.

-I am on the hunt to visit a school in Wellington Region in which my syndicate can observe.

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