Priority Learners Wk 6/T2

Post Links to PTC11– analyse and appropriately use assessment information that has been gathered formally and informally

This is a summary of how my Priority Learner’s goals Weeks 4-6/Term 2 and my effectiveness in my current approaches.

Writing Learning Wall:

The picture above is two sections of the Writing Priority Learning Wall. We are working on two genres this term Exposition (Persuasive) and Procedure Writing. The left-hand picture is a picture of the genre wall which has posters of a number of writing genres and the learner puts their train of the genre they are working on. The teacher teaching that certain genre puts their picture above the poster so it is clear for the learner what teacher is teaching what. The right hand side picture is the writing wall is broken down further into sub-headings from easTTle. Based on piece a piece of their work they have done the learners pick a next step. There is one teacher directly teaching skills and the skills link into the genre. The learners have a trailer that use to identify what they are working on which align which the writing workshops.

Writing Priority Learners

These past weeks I have tried to add weekly comments which supports the priority learner goal, this is a way of giving evidence and tracking my own actions. See section below is an example copied from my Priority Learner Sheet. I have removed the learners name and replace with letter A.

I am learning about different spelling for plurals (Broad goal, on going goal)

Week 3- Plurals workshop with Miss P/ Follow up 

Week 4- Workshops on Plurals with Miss B/Meeting Monday to set up goals. A is attending homework club on Thursday, I supported him with his spelling words. He wanted to read by picked a journal read it out loud, he was missing word endings so identify this and he was able to correct this while reading. We then had a discussion about the text.

Week 5- A showed me his work from last week in the workshops, he has not completely got the understanding, have given him some more activities to support him- with the plural rules and examples. He is going to come to homework club and have some more support.

Week 6- A attended homework club and work on his Mathletics. He Achieved his writing goal, has complete work with me, homework club and about to complete several follow-ups, now needs to apply when writing

The teacher’s in my team are trying to ensure we are on the same page with our Priority learners and identify goals that are similar so we can offer workshops to support their goal. On Monday morning after we have meet with our Priority Learners there are four writing workshop which are based on the Priority Learner goals. All learners across the syndicate are invited to attend if they see it as something they need to learn then they are welcome. The teacher’s shoulder tap the Priority Learners that have workshops and ensure they attend.

Mathematics Learning WallIMG_2159

I gave a brief outline of how the Math’s wall works in  one of my earlier blog posts (Priority Learner Week 3/Term 2). The Math’s learning wall is working really well for learners picking and their workshops and timetabling. We are finding that the learners are not proactive in proving their strategy and therefore are not moving on the wall and are learning the same strategy even if they know it. We are really encouraging the learners to prove their strategy. I am giving my Priority Learners the chance to prove it to me during our Monday catch up, we are also identifying learners during the lessons and ensuring they are putting their name on the Prove it whiteboard for the roving teacher to test them.

Mathematics Priority Learners

The Priority learners are still euthanistic about achieving their goals. As they are working through the basic facts certain goals are becoming harder and are taking longer to achieving as the basic facts get harder. One of my priority learners has had the same basic facts goal for 4 weeks, it is not sticking. I have given him homework to do based on his goal, he has come to homework club and we have worked on the goal together. Moving forward he is going to be working on his goal everyday during our maths warm up and checking in with me daily after he has completed his activity (during the maths warm up and workshop transition. He struggles with 65+? = 100 and 75+ ?=100. He knows that 60+ 40=100 so the automatic answer is 45 when it is  35. I will  looking closely and checking in, giving A flash cards and matching up numbers.

Teacher Actions

-Use my meeting on Monday morning to give the Priority Learners a chance to prove Knowledge, Basic Facts and Strategy

-Regularly check in during the week to see if they are completing their activities which support their goaal.



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