Priority learner’s W6/T1

Post Links to PTC11– analyse and appropriately use assessment information that has been gathered formally and informally

This year I have five Priority learners for Mathematics and Writing. I have one Priority learner that is a target learner for just Mathematics and another Priority learner that is a target just for Writing,  the other four Priority learners are targets in both area.

The Priority learners were identified once data was analysed from end of 2015 as well as collecting data early in the term and teacher observation.

Priority Learners- Writing

The Priority learner’s first established goals that were spelling focused as spelling data was this was the first piece of data we had collected in week two of the term. The spelling goal which was set in week three of year was reviewed end of week six. The spelling goal  for each priority learner was to learn the remaining words from the Essential Spelling list they were working through. The outcome this goal was all priority learners have word still remaining on the Essential List they are working on. This is a range from two words for one priority learner to twenty for another. The spelling will continue until all the words are complete.These goals have been reviewed and more specific goals will be set once e-assTTle writing samples have been marked using the Writing Matrix and moderated.

The Writing goals will be reviewed and more specific goals will be set once e-assTTle writing samples have been marked using the Writing Matrix and moderated. The new writing goal will be co-constructed alongside the learners using the e-assTTle to set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely goals.

Priority Learners- Mathematics 

The Priority learner’s goals were based on Basic Fact data, the goals set were too broad and aimed at moving stages instead small goals and most importantly did not involve the learner in the progress.

The Priority learners were established week 5 and using the Priority learner tracking goal sheet the priority learners highlighted their own goal based on gaps on their tracking sheet.

Teacher Actions

In the classroom the day has gone within a blink of an eye and I have struggled to find time to see the Priority learner’s as often as stated I would when the target goals were set in Week 3.  Upon reflection  I need to make a set time that is added into my teacher timetable and class timetable. It is important that I make time and have a set time that is not cutting into any other area during the day to touch based with my priority learners at the start of the week on Monday to establish/reflect on their goals for the week and at the end of the week to reflect and reassess.


St Joseph’s Priority Learners Tracking sheet

TargetsImage retrieved from

Something to ponder, the video is a snippet of how Stonefield School  keep the learning visible and how they accelerate progress.


Reference List:

Evaluation Associates Ltd. (2013, December 2). 01 Keeping the Visible- Stonefield School- Accelerating Learning (Video File). Retrieved from


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