Learning Walls

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When searching for Learning Walls on the internet prior to the beginning of Term to get an idea of what they looked like and what should be on them, I found myself searching in circles. I was either not looking in the right place or there was no one model of what a learning walls should  look like. I did find some examples that ranged in year levels and overall content. A colleague and I presented a brief presentation on Learning Walls to the staff before we started our own cross the school (Learning Wall Presentation).

My syndicate is working across four classes for Mathematics, Reading and Writing, with each classroom set up with a curriculum focus. When we started to create our learning walls it made sense for us to have one learning wall in each class and the learning wall would help support student agency when selecting workshops.We first started with a Numeracy wall using Numeracy Posters for Addition Subtraction and Student Profiles broken down into stages.

Here is what our Numeracy Wall looked like broken down in stages from 2-3 to stage 7. The cars represent each student with each colour representing each class. The students went through their Student Profile and decided where the placed their car.


Basic Facts, the highlighted areas are what they can do.


At the beginning of Week 6 my syndicate went to observe Pinehaven School’s workshops in their year 5/6 class. They had learning walls which helped students select a workshop.

Pinehaven School IMG_1202




After visiting Pinehaven we decided to go back to the drawing board with our Numeracy learning wall. The current wall was too cramped and students would be only moving when they have had meet all the requirements in that stage. We wanted the learning wall to be a working wall where students moved on a regular basis. The learning wall would reflect where the learners next step were and this would also be evident in their Math books.

Blank Canvas


We used the same posters and but enlarged the Student Profile information so it was clear and easy to read. The cars would sit next to the knowledge or the strategy that is their next step.



Stage 2-3 was removed as we no longer need that stage.IMG_1235

The Basic Facts data was moved to sit underneath the stage.


The next step is going through the Student Profile and doing a Snap-shot so we can collect evidence of where each learner is and so they can see where their gaps are and place their car onto their next step.



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